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Body Treatments

Beauty Treatments For Your Body

If you are looking to change the shape of your body, lose weight in specific areas, or simply be more toned, we apply the latest laser and radio frequency technology to get measurable results.

Our Body Treatments

Face Treatments

Treatments for Your Face

If you are looking to rejuvenate your face, we use industry-leading procedures—applied with our unrivaled experience—to achieve the results you desire.

Our Face Treatments

Detox and Recovery

Detox and Recovery Treatments

Our detox and recovery treatments are designed to detoxify and restart your body’s self-healing systems for a better, healthier you.

Our Detox & Recovery Treatments

Ballancer® Pro

Ballancer® Pro

The best aesthetic institutes, medical spas, bodycontouring centers and doctors' offices in Europe rely on the Ballancer®Pro to provide their clients with the best results.

Ballancer® Pro

Skin Preparation & After-Care

Pre and Post Operative Care

Jannaé Institute offers special treatments before and after your elected surgery in order to prepare your skin to maximize your results.

Pre and Post Operative Care

Health, Beauty and Wellness Treatments in Orange County

Jannaé Institute is a leading health, beauty, and wellness facility located in Orange County. Jannaé’s 30 years in alternative wellness has allowed her to bring a unique perspective in complementary healing modalities. Jannaé and her team specialize in individualized treatment programs designed to reduce fat, tighten skin, enhance natural beauty, reduce wrinkles, and improve overall health and wellness. Our personalized treatments are designed to promote your happier and healthier self.

We believe in trying it before you buy it! That’s why Jannaé Institute offers 50% off your first body or face treatment. This initial treatment works as a great test to see how your body responds to it. From there, we work with you to identify your goals so we can guide you to the best type of treatment that will suit your needs.

Our wellness services include body treatments, face treatments, detox and recovery treatments, and more. At Jannaé Institute, we reduce cellulite, lift and tone the body, and resurface the face. Our goal is always to help our clients look and feel better through our individualized treatment plans. We take pride in helping our clients reach a happier and more confident state of being. So, whether you wish to address the body or face, we approach each treatment with unparalleled finesse and care. Get in touch with the Jannaé Institute today to schedule a consultation.

A Visit to Jannaé Institute Includes:

  1. Scan We analyze your body to determine the most effective treatment
  2. Recommendation This includes advice on lifestyle, nutrition, supplements, and a custom treatment plan
  3. Advanced Procedure Combining technologies applied with experience to deliver the best results possible, based on your individual scan result
  4. Maintenance We're always working with our experts to continue your results!
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The Jannae Difference would benefit

  • Executives - To keep them on top of their game
  • Performers - Quick recovery
  • New Moms - The best mommy bounce back
  • Those desiring life - coaching at it's finest
  • Athletes - Restore optimum body
Treatments We Offer for The Body

What Our Clients Say

Anne, 41, Business Owner

Life continually evolves - Jannaé facilities my "re-set" with each change within my body, mind and spirit. So, I am able to maintain my peak in the midst of each evolution." - Lisa Maria, 53, Retired Corporate Owner Jannaé experience - hard to describe - each session reveals more. She helps restore "my balance".

What our clients say

Brad, 41, Life Coach

Pain has been a part of my life for years due to numerous injuries from motor cross racing, snow skiing, and many other crazy activities. After my first PEMF, I felt enormously better and I knew something was different. After 9 sessions, I was pain free. I cannot recommend Jannaé, her wise guidance and her state of the art equipment enough!

What our clients say

JLB, 52, Business Owner

I am experiencing a new "inner peace", I'm no longer attached to "outcomes". I'm less resistant to taking the positive action steps to further my own well-being. I feel totally present to life and all of its goodness coming to me!

What our clients say

Dr. Christine Sinclair

Jannaé is for those desiring to go to the next level of well being! My body is at its finest - EVER!

What our clients say

Experience The Jannaé Difference. Experience Results.

"It's all about you! Restoring your purpose, passion and potential. To rejuvenate and remember who you were created to be!"

Our Body Treatments
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